Brant Tornadoes 4V4 Girls – Provincial Cup

Our two 4v4 teams, Tsunami and Whirlwind competed on Sunday at Paris District High School in their second tournament of the year. Since the tournament was local our cheering section was louder than ever and lots of spectators got to come out that wouldn’t normally be able to make it. The players had a lot of fun showing what they have learned these past 3 months.

For Tsunami: Riley played amazing at the net had some great tips. Avery’s overhand serves showed great power and precision. Ella had some amazing passes with excellent serve receives. Emmy was strong and consistent all around. Mya’s serves and passing were consistent we missed her in the morning! Violette surpassed her goal for service over the net showing great improvement from last tournament.

For Whirlwind: Bridget did a great job getting under the ball to set and passing up to the setter. Ada had some rockets with her overhand serve and did a great job digging up balls. Bella was consistent all around and won a blocking joust at the net. Sloane’s deep serve scored a lot of points. Marlo did a great job passing up the freeball so the team could get 3 touches.