Brant Tornadoes – 4V4 – McGregor Cup

Our 4v4 teams travelled to Milton to compete in the McGregor Cup on January 28, 2023. Both teams saw success with Whirlwind winning 8/12 sets and Tsunami winning 4/12. Both teams had lots of close sets and Tsunami even had a game go to 29-31.

For Whirlwind, Bridget did a great job of digging up the balls and leading cheers on the court. Ella was a force at the tip with excellent setter dumps and leading cheers. Riley did an awesome job serving deep scoring lots of ACEs. Avery’s overhand serve was hard for teams to pass up and scored lots of points. VasiLisa did a great job keeping her hands up at the net and blocking balls. Marlo developed her overhand serve for this tournament and saw lots of success.

For Tsunami, Ada had great defence and was an excellent server. Emmy was a great setter and had a great attitude all day. Sloane was a strong hitter and had good defence on the net. Violette had good serves and cheered her team on all day. Bella was a very strong passer and went from passing free balls over the net to hitting balls for strong offence. Mya’s passes were very consistent and she was a force to be reckoned with at the net.

We look forward to seeing what else these girls can do at their next tournament!