Brant Tornadoes TLS Vortex – Exhibition Game

After their last tournament and gold medal finish at the TLS McGregor Cup – Trillium Division, Brant VORTEX is currently ranked #55 of 166 teams in TLS standings.

On Sunday, the team participated in an Invitational Exhibition Tournament in London. The team split every game against teams are currently ranked higher than them. The respective rankings and scores of the tournament are listed below:

Game 1 vs FCVC Evergreen (#33) 12-25, 25-23

Game 2 vs Chatham Ballhawks Fly (#48) 18-25, 25-19

Game 3 vs St Thomas Express Rockets (#51) 25-27, 25-19

Game 4 vs FCVC Banyan (#45) 25-21, 23-25

Coach Zandra reflects on her team’s performance: β€œVORTEX is progressing nicely through the season, we are working hard and improving every step of the way. Well done girls πŸ‘β€