Brant Tornadoes Whirlwind and Tsunami 4X4 – Provincial Cup

4v4 volleyball is for our youngest competitive players.

They are a team of 12 that breaks into 2 teams of 6 for tournaments. This weekend the 2 teams competed in Smithville as Whirlwind (blue jerseys) and Tsunami (orange jerseys).

Both teams showed off what they have learned in practices and saw success on the court. It was a jam-packed day as there was 7 teams present and both Whirlwind and Tsunami played 5 games each.

Whirlwind won 7/15 sets and Tsunami won 3/15. Both teams had lots of very close sets, Tsunami had 4 sets that went above 15 due to the win by 2 rule.

We look forward to seeing what else these girls can do at their next tournament!