Developmental Programs


• Provide volleyball development in a fun, safe, comfortable environment

• Entry point to Brant Youth Volleyball Club –feeder stream for competitive teams

• Offer volleyball opportunities to children who don’t have time for competitive play

• Involve parents who may become future coaches –continue the circle

• Provide volunteer/leadership opportunities for competitive players as assistant coaches

Choosing the Right Program for your Child

We’ve tweaked the length and timing of our programs so that we can offer continuous development opportunities at age groups between 6 and 14 and offer some at multiple times to fit everyone’s busy schedules. We recognize that not all children will enter the pathway at the same age or athletic skill level. Also, not all children will develop at the same rate once they enter. The key is that they are in a program appropriate for their skill level and that they feel comfortable socially. Recommended ages are guidelines only.

Program NameRecommended AgesProgram DescriptionCost
Parent Child5-8Parent and child work together on the court to develop basic fundamental movement skills to get ready for skill development. Focus is on movements involved in volleyball such as running, jumping, catching, coordination skills$85
Junior Spikes9-11Basic introduction to individual volleyball skills such as forearm passing, setting, attacks and serving.$90
Rallyball9-11Modified volleyball games for younger children to reinforce the 3 touch concept. Would involve elements of Smashball, 4 on 4 and Triple Ball$95
Senior Spikes12-14Builds on skills introduced in Junior Spikes to further develop the individual volleyball skills. Introduce more complex skills such as blocking, and team play concepts for offense and defense.$90
Rec House League12-14Builds on skills developed in Senior Spikes in a game play environment


Program Schedule & Registration

We were fortunate to be able to obtain more gym time this season. We will be able to offer multiple sessions of some programs. We’ve shortened the programs from 8 to 6 weeks so that we can offer 4 “waves” of programming during the indoor season. Please note, to fit into gym availability and have programs coincide with natural breaks in the gym schedule, some sessions only have 5 weeks –one of the nights will be doubled up so that you receive 6 weeks of programming.

Start DateEnd DateStart TimeEnd TimeLocationRegistration Link
Wave 1
Parent ChildSept. 30, 2022Nov. 18, 20226:30pm 7:30pmParis District High SchoolSession Complete
Junior SpikesSept. 26, 2022Nov.14, 20226:30pm 8:00pm Pauline Johnson CVSSession Complete
Wave 2
RallyballNov. 25, 2022Dec. 23, 20226:15pm 8:00pmParis District High SchoolSession Complete
Senior SpikesNov. 21, 2022Dec. 19, 20226:30pm 8:00pmPauline Johnson CVSSession Complete
Wave 3
Rec House LeagueJan. 13, 2023Feb. 17, 20236:30pm 8:00pmParis District High SchoolSession Complete
Rec House League Jan. 10, 2023Feb. 14, 20237:30pm9:00pmBanbury HeightsSession Complete
Jan. 9, 2023Feb. 13, 20236:30pm 8:00pmPauline Johnson CVSSession Complete
Senior SpikesJan. 10, 2023Feb. 14, 20236:15pm7:30pmBanbury HeightsSession Complete
Wave 4
Senior Spikes – FULLFeb. 21, 2023Apr. 11, 20236:15pm 7:30pmBanbury HeightsSession has started
Rec House League – FULLFeb. 21, 2023Apr. 11, 20237:30pm9:00pmBanbury HeightsSession has started
Rec House League FULLFeb. 24, 2023Apr. 14, 20236:30pm8:00pmParis District High SchoolSession has started
Senior Spikes – FULL
Feb. 27, 2023Apr. 17, 20236:30pm8:00pmPauline Johnson CVSSession has started

Administrative Details

Payments – please e-transfer funds to Please include your child’s name and program in the memo field.