Little Diggers starts in ONE week!

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This program will provide players with a first taste of volleyball in a fun and exciting environment. Participants will learn the basics of volleyball through structured games and skill development. Emphasis will be put on developing the basic fundamentals of movement and physical skills necessary to be able to learn to play volleyball. BYVC coaches will be following the Mini-volley concepts developed by Volleyball Canada as part of their Long Term Athlete Development model.

The traditional game is adapted to the specific needs and abilities of the participants. Various rules are also adapted to encourage longer rallies and decrease the difficulty of skill execution. The objective of these adaptations is to encourage learning, promote success, and increase the enjoyment for the participants.

First Open House Only 5 Days Away!

Our first open house is only 5 days away. This is a great opportunity to come shake off the rust and get some coaching before tryouts or the school season begins. The open houses are co-ed and available to ages 10-18. See the indoor programs tab for the times and location.

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1st Annual Adult Beach Tournament!

When: Sunday July 15 – 9am to 4pm

Where: Green Lane beach courts, Paris

Who: Parents/relatives of 2017-18 indoor competitive players and 2018 beach players and coaches

Cost: $20 / pair

Why: Have fun, meet some new people, gain an appreciation of what your kids experience when playing.

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Co-ed pairs playing in fours.  Each pair gets matched up for a match with another pair to play two pairs on the other side of the net.  Once that match is over, the pairs get shuffled again so that each match you should be playing with/against a different pair.  Each time your side wins a game you collect a point.  After pool play, pairs will be divided into 3 flights for playoffs.

More rules:

Each pair needs to be co-ed.

At least one person in each pair must be parent/guardian/relative of an existing BYVC player or beach house league player.

Pool play matches will be two games to 21, no cap, win by 2.  Collect a point for each game won. (I.e.  2-0, 1-1, 0-2 are the possible outcomes).

Playoff matches will be 2/3 games to 21, no cap, win by 2.  Single elimination.

Regular beach rules for ball handling.

Prize distribution – A flight 50%, B flight = 35%, C flight = 15%