Competitive Indoor Program Information and Forms


This program is for those athletes with a keen interest in the sport of volleyball who want to who want to take their skills to the highest level of competition. These teams compete against teams from across Ontario in OVA sanctioned tournaments. They typically practice 2x/week for a total of 4 hours from September to April. Practice nights will vary depending on age group. Tournaments are held across Ontario depending on which club is hosting the tournament. Age groups are from 10 to 18.


Competitive volleyball is designed for players that truly enjoy the sport and want to take their volleyball skills to a higher level. It is an organized, controlled, and fun way for volleyball players of varying abilities to be introduced to, continue to develop, or be challenged at the game of volleyball beyond House Leagues or School Programs.


Learn to be part of a team, goal setting, time management.

Improve physical fitness.

Sport for life.

Meet new friends.


Volleyball season typically runs from mid-September (tryouts) to April (Provincial Tournament). The season may go longer if a team chooses to enter tournaments outside the OVA…Nationals or American tournaments as examples.


The Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) has competitive events for U12 to U18. BYVC’s aim every year is to have a team at each age group.


PRACTICES – typically we practice 2 times per week, locations and times depend on the coach’s schedule and gym availability. Most of our gyms are in the Brantford & Paris area. Practices start late September and run until Provincials (April).

TOURNAMENTS – The typical competitive schedule is a series of 4-5 “regular season” tournaments played on Saturdays (sometimes Sundays) from November to April. The coach may also schedule some exhibition games/tournaments as well. Provincials are a 3-day tournament in April. Depending on interest and skill level, teams may also play in the Nationals which are held in May, or a variety of tournaments south of the border.


The OVA does not own their own facilities. They rely on clubs to host tournaments. BYVC typically gets assigned to Southwest Ontario events – KW, London, Chatham, Windsor, Niagara, Hamilton and Stratford are frequent destinations. Rarely do we travel east of Toronto.

There is more travel at the extreme ends of the age groups ie youngest/oldest and as the team moves up in playing tiers

Provincials for the coming season will be announced in early fall 2024.


Annual fees are calculated on a not-for-profit philosophy:

CoveredNot Covered
OVA/CVA Registration FeesPlayer Travel Expenses
Tournament Fees (OVA Schedule)Spirit Wear
Gym RentalsExhibition Tournaments
Uniform Package
Equipment (Bals, Ball Carts, First Aid, Office Supplies
Coaches’ Travel Expenses, Honoraria, Training & Certifications
Specialized Training
Season-End Banquet and Awards
Website & TeamSnap Applications

Total fees were approximately $1300-1500 for the 2024/25 season. Prices for the season will be finalized closer to tryouts! Instalment plans are available.


Ages – in general, OVA uses a 16-month age group.  Children born during Sept-Dec have the option of playing at their natural age group or one year younger

Tournament play – generally one day with pool play in morning followed by playoffs.  All teams make playoffs.

Fair play – 14U (TLS) and younger is fair play all tournament long.  15U is fair play during pool play; 16U is fair play during pool play at Trillium division.

Tiered competition – tournaments are tiered with promotion/relegation depending on how your team does at each tournament à Trillium, Championship, Select, Premier.

Link for OVA tryout policy:


OVA has strict rules related to the younger age group (U12 – U16) to ensure equal participation in all tournaments. The older age groups (U17 – U18) do not have the same requirement. BYVC believes playing time is earned, not given. Playing time is determined by the coach based on several criteria including attendance, practice, attitude, game performance and skill.

Playing time and related issues are encouraged to be resolved between player and coach. After such meetings, if the issue remains then a formal meeting with the player, coach and director will be held.


All clubs in Ontario must follow tryout regulations published by OVA. PLEASE NOTE SPECIFIC DATES MAY BE DIFFERENT THAN THOSE BELOW ONCE THE OVA SETS THE SCHEDULE.

July 1-31 – clubs may re-sign returning players.  Includes HL players for ECI division.

Early September – open tryouts may begin.

Mid September – offers using prescribed form can be sent to U18 athletes.  Each younger age group follows in turn until late September for ECI (14u/TLS, 6v6, 4v4) Athletes. 

Can add players to rosters until February of the following year.


BYVC makes every effort to place as many players on teams as possible, depending on qualified coaches, facilities available and the number of participants in a given age group. However, there can be situations where there are more athletes than can be accommodated and tryouts allow BYVC to assess individual player’s abilities in order to select athletes for the appropriate team.

Volleyball tryouts usually occur over a couple days and are open to any athlete who wishes to join a team. During tryouts, players will be asked to complete various drills and exercises to showcase their abilities.

Athletes must tryout every year unless they have been given and signed an early offer letter.  No player will be placed on a team until they have completed the tryout and selection process prior to the year starting.

Coaches must make decisions based on a number of factors…athletes will be assessed not only on their technical skill levels, but their ability to work well with others, communication skills, athletic ability, the potential for improvement, and so on.

During the try-out process, directors and coaches evaluate players as they participate in drills designed to test their basic volleyball skills. Players are evaluated by multiple coaches throughout the course of the tryout sessions; the coaches then work together on the team placement process.

You might already have some ideas about the position you want to play but coaches want to see how you do playing different positions, so keep an open mind. Be flexible and try your best to show them how you would play in that position, even if it is not the position you intended on playing.

This can show your coach that you are very determined as a player to do your best wherever you are put on the court. If this is your first time trying out for a volleyball team, they might separate the tryouts based on which position you play (defense, setters, and offense).

It is recommended to look up the different positions and learn about their role in the game beforehand. This can help you have an idea of what position you would like best.

There will be official try out sessions for each age group. This will consist of an Evaluation Window and Acceptance Date. 


Parents can and are encouraged to support and play active roles throughout the year for their team. Such roles include having Team Representatives who coordinate such items as food for games, travel arrangements where necessary, and assignment of duties during tournaments. Parents are also expected to share duties during the tournament including performing scoring and acting as line judges.

BYVC will support and provide training needed by parents to fulfill these roles.

We have an open-door policy with our parents and encourage them to communicate with our staff.   This policy does not exist during tournaments and practices; we ask that all parents observe a 24-hour rule during and after tournaments to allow for a “cooling off” period before approaching a coach with any staff/parent discussions/issues.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND reviewing the two Code of Conduct Contracts that would be required should you join the BYVC family…

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